Yakisoba "Acid Bath Litanies" CASSETTE

Yakisoba "Acid Bath Litanies" CASSETTE


Grindfather Productions
Solid Red Shell

Tracklist (28:43)
A1. Acid Bath Litanies (Intro)
A2. Human Slime Obtained From Boiled Remains
A3. Chemically Divided Human Offal
A4. Cauterized Tongue
A5. Blood And Morphine
A6. Mandatory Amputation
A7. Gangrene Vapors From The Bathtub
A8. Splattered Stomach
A9. Liver Dealer
A10. Severe Regurgitation Of Green Bile
A11. Maimed And Left To Die
A12. Hemophiliac
A13. Fetor Of Gangrenous Limb
A14. The Beauty Of Human Decomposition
A15. Brachial Plexus Exposed
A16. Penile Strangulation
A17. Exsanguination Mania
A18. Blunt Force Trauma And Subsequent Dyspnea
B1. Expurgate It All
B2. Bones Collector
B3. Exhumation
B4. Yellow Discharge In The Drain
B5. Inhaling The Stench Of Burning Flesh
B6. Garden Of Half Buried Bodies
B7. Digested Human Muscle
B8. Lymphatic Orgy
B9. An Oxidized Saw
B10. Pain For Pleasure
B11. Maggots In Your Intestines
B12. Cannibalistic Rites
B13. Eloquent Stench Of Advanced Decomposition
B14. What Once Was A Human Being
B15. Severed Head Collection
B16. An Epitaph For The Unfound Bodies
B17. Reduced To A Black Carbonized Mess
B18. Indecent Regurgitator

Recommended for fans of Golem Of Gore, Nyctophagia and Meat Spreader.

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