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Cryogenic Defilement
Worldwide Extermination

Image of <b>Cryogenic Defilement</b><br><small>Worldwide Extermination</small>
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Limited quantity undisclosed. Album reissue by Graboid Of The Ground Records under exclusive license from Realityfade Records & Vicious Instinct Records. Comes in a standard case with transparent tray, clear cassette shell and three-panel double-sided J card. Recommended for fans of Acranius, Klysma and Facelift Deformation. Released on the 1st of October 2019.

A1. Sickness Descends
A2. Bludgeoned Vagina
A3. Daddy's Home
A4. Butchery Section
A5. Uterine Intercourse
B1. Post Aborted Fetus Ingestion
B2. Worldwide Extermination
B3. Pussy Juice Dispenser
B4. Unleash The Slamming Bulldozer

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