Viral Load
Brutalized Beyond Belief

  • <b>Viral Load</b><br><small>Brutalized Beyond Belief</small></br>

Full-length re-release by Dissonant Tapes under an exclusive license from Amputated Vein Records.

Issued in a clear case, clear cassette shell with sticker labels on both of its sides and three-panel double-sided J-card. Limited to 100 professionally manufactured copies.

Tracklist (40:20)
A1. It Has Risen
A2. Blisters, Scabs And Scars
A3. Lacerated Flesh
A4. Galloping Upon The Entrails Of The Dead
A5. My Mighty Sword
B1. Isolation
B2. Mesmerized By Blood Stained Walls
B3. Deviated Septum
B4. Crack Whore
B5. Bashed Fucking Skull

Recommended for fans of Insidious Decrepancy, Putrid Pile and Deeds Of Flesh.

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