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Ubog "Kaрa" CASSETTE

$9.99 USD
Ubog "Kaрa" CASSETTE

Graboid Of The Ground Records & Brutal Way
Limited to 100 • UV-Printed Shell

Tracklist (13:25)
A1. Gates / Врата
A2. Suffocating Numbness / Удушающее Oцепенение
A3. Punishment / Кара
A4. Black Knight Cavalry / Кавалерия Чёрных Pыцарей
B1. The Wolves Of Old Time / Волки Cтарых Времён
B2. Ripped Up / Вспорот
B3. Space Night / Космическая Ночь
B4. Punishment / КараPromo 2019

Recommended for fans of Snuffed On Sight, Butirat and Skag.

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