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The Malkuth Grimoire

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Limited to 100 copies. Album reissue under exclusive license from Alkaloid to Metal Force Records. Comes in a standard case with transparent tray, transparent cassette shell and five-panel double sided J card. For fans of Obscura, Noneuclid and Serdce. Released on the 21th of July 2018.

TRACKLIST (1:13:01)
A1. Carbon Phrases
A2. From A Hadron Machinist
A3. Cthulu
A4. Alter Magnitudes
A5. Orgonism
B1. Dyson Sphere I: Mining The Oort Cloud
B2. Dyson Sphere II: Assembly
B3. Dyson Sphere III: Kardashev II.1 - The God Oven
B4. Dyson Sphere IV: Sol Omega
B5. The Malkuth Grimoire
B6. C-Value Enigma
B7. Funeral For A Continent

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