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Terrordome "Straight Outta Smogtown" CASSETTE

$8.99 USD
Terrordome "Straight Outta Smogtown" CASSETTE

Selfmadegod Records
Limited to 100 • Solid Black Shell

Tracklist (40:31)
A1. Terrorizing The Nation As The Best Way To Thwart Shameful Schemes
A2. Possessed By Blyat
A3. Worried Again
A4. Steel On The Road
A5. Plastic Death
A6. Your Personal Comfort Versus The Global Disaster
A7. Desordem E Regresso
A8. Into The Void
B1. Ego-Boost Downfall
B2. Money Kills
B3. Demolition
B4. I Don't Care
B5. Conspiracy
B6. The Day They Left Their Graves

Recommended for fans of Municipal Waste, Gama Bomb and Hirax.

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