Vomit Remnants
Supreme Vehemence

<b>Vomit Remnants</b><br><small>Supreme Vehemence</small></br>

➤ Imported from China.
➤ Compilation re-release by Graboid Of The Ground Records.
➤ Issued in a standard case with transparent/purple tray, black/purple cassette shell with labels on both of its sides and three-panel double-sided J-card. Encased within an O-card. Includes an Obi strip. Limited to 135 professionally manufactured copies.
➤ Recommended for fans of Dying Fetus, Ruthless Inhumanity and Inveracity.
➤ Released on the 25th of May 2018.

Tracklist (50:40)
A1. Putrefying Dead Flesh
A2. My Blessed Sickness
A3. Decomposed Of Structure
A4. Rotted Human Waste
A5. Macabre Mementos
A6. Engorgement...
A7. Faces Of The DeceasedSoils Of Fate Cover
A8. Murderous Thoughts Determined
B1. Intro
B2. Prodigy Of Solitude
B3. 00 Buck Shot
B4. Inherited Deformity
B5. Umbludgeonment (Regard The Devourment)
B6. A Puppet Mill

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