Bloated Exploded OG Gluttony

  • <b>Slam420</b><br><small>Bloated Exploded OG Gluttony</small></br>
  • <b>Slam420</b><br><small>Bloated Exploded OG Gluttony</small></br>
  • <b>Slam420</b><br><small>Bloated Exploded OG Gluttony</small></br>

Full-length release by Lifeless Chasm Records.

Issued in a clear case, tetrahydrocannabinol turquoise or intravenus indigo cassette shell with sticker labels on both of its sides and single-panel double-sided J-card. Limited to 69 professionally manufactured copies in total.

Tracklist (46:06)
A1. Drowning In Bongwater
A2. Anal Probe?
A3. Stoned Cold Steve Bongstin
A4. Slamlordz
A5. Human Cordyceps Cannabinoid
A6. Trapped In Bongstradimensional Space
A7. Castrated Cockbong (With Cumwater)
B1. Agnostic Newyorkmont
B2. Human Remains Cannabis Fertilizer Hexane-Extracted And Smoked
B3. Two Minutes To 4:20
B4. Yog Chuggoth Shug Slammoth
B5. Intravenous Cannabinoid Infection
B6. Weed, Ass, And Slam
B7. Bloated Exploded OG Gluttony

Recommended for fans of Glossectomy, Dripping and Devourment.

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