Parasitic Origin

  • <b>Schizogen</b><br><small>Parasitic Origin</small></br>

Full-length release via Pathologically Explicit Recordings.

Issued in a jewel-case with transparent tray, double-sided tray inlay and four-page booklet. The copies are professionally manufactured glass-mastered CDs.

Tracklist (28:24)
1. The World Inside Of You
2. Army In Your Brain
3. What Are Flies Thinking
4. Parasitic Origin
5. Womb Rider
6. The Stamp
7. They Look On You As On A Shit
8. The Voice From Viscera
9. Devour Your Enemies
10. Schematics Dying Fetus

Recommended for fans of Torturous Inception, Twitch Of The Death Nerve and Unbirth.

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