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Rompeprop "Menstrual Stomphulk" CASSETTE

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Rompeprop "Menstrual Stomphulk" CASSETTE

Gore House Productions
Limited to 200 • Clear Shell

Tracklist (33:02)
A1. Int(i)ro(l)
A2. Dislocated Purple Stoma
A3. The Erected Underwater Necro-Clitstomper
A4. Zuilzalf
A5. Pelikanelul
A6. Swarming Of The Cysts
B1. The Babyshitter
B2. Cuntlava
B3. Boneryard
B4. Crash Test Faggots
B5. Untitled

Recommended for fans of Gutalax, Rectal Smegma and Spasm.

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