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Pustulated "Inherited Cryptorchidism" CASSETTE

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Pustulated "Inherited Cryptorchidism" CASSETTE

Proguttural Production
Limited to 50 • Clear Shell • Hand-Numbered

Tracklist (28:16)
A1. Fuck Intros ..(Anal Rape)
A2. Alveolous
A3. Mephilictophalus
A4. Aortic Menstrual Sediment
A5. Basophilic Cryptoplasm
A6. Cerebral Anaemia
A7. Clitosarcourethralcolostomy Exarticulation
B1. Second Degree Vulval Melanoma
B2. Despumating Carnal Detortication
B3. Emigdulla
B4. Execration Through Haemorrhaged Cervix
B5. Intrapathelial Schlerosiss
B6. Exploring Uranus
B7. Quad Ad Fenim (Symphosii Preafatio)

Recommended for fans of Lust Of Decay, Deaden and Goratory.

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