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Pustulated "Haematoma" CASSETTE

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Pustulated "Haematoma" CASSETTE

Proguttural Production
Limited to 50 • Solid Black Shell • Hand-Numbered

Tracklist (26:53)
A1. Eosinophilis Tognosia
A2. Sinsoriacanthromdebic Carcinoma - Lining The Vulvovaginal Trichomoniasis
A3. Zacre
A4. Dyerrhea Pallidum
A5. Cut Into Pieces
A6. Neuro-Dimebag Exhumation
B1. Dementia Infinita
B2. Thoracic Gallagonal Aspiration
B3. Coronary Artery Thrombosis With Posterior Wall Myocardial Fibrosis
B4. Adipocere: Sinking, Putrefaction And Re-Floating
B5. Expansion Of Subpleural Petachiae: Heamodulation And Heamolysis
B6. Lupus Nephritis

Recommended for fans of Lust Of Decay, Deaden and Goratory.

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