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Party, Grind

Image of <b>Killitorous</b><br><small>Party, Grind</small></br>

Hand numbered and limited to 50 copies. Album reissue under exclusive license from Killitorous. Comes in a standard case with transparent tray, black cassette shell and two-panel double sided J card. Recommended for fans of Archspire, Blade Of Horus and Brain Drill. Released on the 10th of January 2020.

A1. Have You Found Jesus Yet Gump?
A2. Godking
A3. Fecal Fellatio
A4. It's Not Stanley, It's Stan Lee
A5. George Constanza's Father's Son
A6. What Do You Know About Ray Finkle?
B1. 'Til Death Do Us Party
B2. Insanity As A Pathway To Fame And Fortune: The Life And Times Of Gary Busey
B3. No, Not The Bees!
B4. Carving A Totem Pole Atop Blood Mountain Whilist Enslaving The Local Mountain-Folk Population As Cattle
B5. See You At The Party Richter

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