Paroxysmal Butchering "Supreme Revulsion" CASSETTE

Paroxysmal Butchering "Supreme Revulsion" CASSETTE


Gore House Productions
Limited to 100 • Clear Shell

Tracklist (28:41)
A1. Anally Siphoned Innards
A2. Cadaveric Disgorgement
A3. Chemically Castrated
A4. Shitstorm Of Perversity
A5. Turnoffs Include Consent
A6. Cocooned In Entrails
A7. Scourge Of Malevolence
A8. Retching On Virulent Rectal Exudation
A9. Axiom Of Suffering
A10. Macrocosmic Eradication
A11. Acephalic Rape And Disembowelment
A12. Ingurgitating Putrescence
A13. Sexually MangledBonus
B1. Anally Siphoned Innards2011
B2. Cadaveric Disgorgement2011
B3. Axiom Of Suffering2011
B4. Acephalic Rape And Disembowelment2011
B5. Turnoffs Include Consent2011
B6. Cocooned In Entrails2011
B7. Scourge Of Malevolence2011
B8. Shitstorm Of Perversity2011
B9. Macrocosmic Eradication2011
B10. Ingurgitating Putrescence2011
B11. Shitstorm Of PerversityDemo
B12. Cocooned In EntrailsDemo
B13. Cadaveric DisgorgementLive 2016

Recommended for fans of Torturous Inception, Truculency and Engorgement.

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