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Bloody Anatomies

Image of <b>Bloody Anatomies</b><br><small>Parasick</small>
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Limited quantity undisclosed. Album reissue by Graboid Of The Ground Records under exclusive license from
Endless Torture Records
. Comes in a standard case with transparent tray, black cassette shell and three-panel double-sided J card. Recommended for fans of Amputated Genitals, Carnivore Diprosopus and Corporal Raid. Released on the 20th of August 2019.

A1. Parasick
A2. Amputated Maggots
A3. Virus Mutated
A4. Chaos DNA
A5. Mutilated To Beast
A6. Fragment Of Death
B1. Humanoid Stabwound Therapy
B2. Controlled Bleeding
B3. Analtomies
B4. Fragment Of Torture
B5. Electro Convulsion Therapy

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