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Amputated Genitals
Origin Of Murder

Image of <b>Amputated Genitals</b><br><small>Origin Of Murder</small></br>
Sold out

Limited to 50 copies.

Album reissue under exclusive license from Gore And Blood Productions.

Standard case with transparent tray, black cassette shell and two-panel double sided J card.

Recommended for fans of Delusional Parasitosis, Bacteremia and Torture Droid.

Releases on the 10th of June 2020.

A1. Condemnation And Atrocious Embodiment Of The Vile
A2. Primitive Killer
A3. The Blood Runs Once Again
A4. Impaled Conqueror
B1. Banished Into The Eternal Torment
B2. Carnivorous Battle Against Fear And Possession Of The Mighty Wild
B3. The King's Crucifixion
B4. Abominable Thirst To Drink His Blood And Eat His Flesh

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