Dissecting Your Future

  • <b>Mutilatred</b><br><small>Dissecting Your Future</small></br>

Full-length re-release by Life After Death.

Issued in a clear case, red cassette shell with white imprint on both of its sides and single-panel double-sided J-card. Limited to 100 professionally manufactured copies.

Tracklist (39:46)
AB1. Skinned While Alive
AB2. Consumed With Darkness
AB3. Fuck You
AB4. Forced To Stay Dead
AB5. Control Their Minds
AB6. Born In Radiation
AB7. Grave Crusher
AB8. Submerged On Agony
AB9. Dissecting Your Future
AB10. Torn Apart
AB11. Peeled Flesh
AB12. Turned Into Ash
AB13. Exploded Veins

Recommended for fans of Sanguisuggabogg, Evulse and Deliquesce.

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