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Mortify "Stench Of Swedish Buzzsaw" CASSETTE

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Mortify "Stench Of Swedish Buzzsaw" CASSETTE

Grindfather Productions

Tracklist (10:00)
A1. The Masticator
A2. Regurgitation Of Kidney Sludge
A3. Stinking Grave
A4. Urine Burial
A5. Maggot Jacket
A6. Chewing On Cysts
A7. Meat Drawer
A8. Melting Friends
A9. Vicious
A10. Flesh Creep
B1. In My Coffin
B2. Toe Sucker
B3. Foul Odor
B4. Whiffs
B5. Excretions
B6. Stew Sipper
B7. Sickle And Drill
B8. Oozing
B9. Slime Days
B10. Rigor Mortis Teens

Recommended for fans of Nasum, Rotten Sound and Wormrot.

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