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Moiscus "Moiscurization" CASSETTE

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Moiscus "Moiscurization" CASSETTE

Scumlord Records
Limited to 50 • Clear Shell

Tracklist (13:59)
A1. Orrheal Cytpcephaloresonance
A2. Mucus Yolk Secretion
A3. Everlasting Oblivious Degradation
A4. Loosening The Stool
A5. Pillared Dining Room Of The Centaur
A6. Burnin' Buldings
B1. The Sangan's Cloudian Steelcage
B2. Ceremonial Consumption
B3. Eternal Sensation Of The Vein Penetrating Serpent
B4. Pillaging Land Upon Injustices
B5. Ribcage Worship

Recommended for fans of Liquid Viscera, Yakisoba and Golem Of Gore.

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