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Mithras "Worlds Beyond The Veil" CASSETTE

$10.99 USD
Mithras "Worlds Beyond The Veil" CASSETTE

Dissonant Tapes
Limited to 100

Tracklist (1:7:35)
A1. Portal To The...
A2. Worlds Beyond The Veil
A3. Bequeath Thy Visions
A4. The Caller And The Listener
A5. Break The Worlds' Divide
A6. Lords And Masters
A7. Psyrens
A8. Voices In The Void
B1. The Sands Of Time
B2. Search The Endless Planes
B3. They Came And You Were Silent
B4. Transcendence
B5. Beyond The Eyes Of Man

Recommended for fans of Sarpanitum, Morbid Angel and Nocturnus.

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