£6.99 - £8.99

➤ Imported from Canada.
➤ Full-length re-release by Horrendous Manifestation Records.
➤ Issued in a standard case with transparent tray, red/gold cassette shell with labels on both of its sides and three-panel single-sided J-card. The copies are self-produced.
➤ Recommended for fans of Last Days Of Humanity, Regurgitate and Autophagia.
➤ Released on the 25th of July 2020.

Tracklist (26:39)
AB1. Writhing In His Fluids
AB2. Animalistic Defication Of Partially Digested Human Remains
AB3. Dislimbed Fetus Flesh Pile
AB4. Humiliated And Dismembered
AB5. Repeated Facial Trauma Resulting In Cycloptic Features
AB6. Gorging On Ripe And Pulverized Intestines
AB7. Ravenous Autophagic Satisfaction
AB8. Rotten Flesh Feast
AB9. Exquisite Meal With A Decapitated Cadaver
AB10. Unrestrained Arousal By The Scent Of Putrefaction
AB11. Vomiting Due To An Alluring Coffin Birth
AB12. Collection Of Unidentifiable Liquid Remains
AB13. Spontaneous Ejaculation From Fantasies Of Cadaver Molesting ADeviance
AB14. Adorned With Melting Plastic
AB15. A Living Breathing Snuff Film
AB16. Pregnant With A Plump Litter Of Maggots

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