Guttural Slug

<b>Guttural Slug</b><br><small>Megalodon</small></br>

➤ Imported from Indonesia.
➤ Full-length re-release by Brutal Mind under an exclusive license from Rotten Roll Rex.
➤ Issued in a standard case with transparent tray, transparent grey cassette shell with an on-body print on both of its sides and two-panel double-sided J-card. Limited to 60 professionally manufactured copies.
➤ Recommended for fans of Kraanium, Parasitic Ejaculation and Cerebral Incubation.
➤ Released on the 29th of April 2020.

Tracklist (19:28)
A1. Sirenens Kald
A2. Eye Of The Cyclops
A3. Hacksaw Surgery
B1. Pandemic Apocalypse
B2. Paranormal Evisceration
B3. Isolated Insanity
B4. Eyes Of Abomination

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