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MDMA "Chemical Obliteration" CASSETTE

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MDMA "Chemical Obliteration" CASSETTE

Lifeless Chasm Records
Limited to 100 • Licensed from Realityfade Records

Tracklist (30:11)
A1. Methylenedioxymethamphemurder
A2. Distilled In Hydrochloric Hatred
A3. Thermodynamic Concentration / Blunt Force Reaction
A4. Boiling Point Dismutase
B1. Crystallized Through Divaricated Disembowelment
B2. Eutectic Nonplanar Oxidizer
B3. Chemical Obliteration
B4. Asphyxiating Soil

Recommended for fans of Heinous Killings, Esophagus and Enmity.

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