Maggot Vomit Afterbirth "Where Beauty Feeds The Maggots" CASSETTE

Maggot Vomit Afterbirth "Where Beauty Feeds The Maggots" CASSETTE

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Night Rhythms Recordings
Limited to 100 • Solid Yellow Shell

Tracklist (28:15)
A1. Locked In Cold Storage (Fornicated And Aborted)
A2. Executed For Ugliness
A3. Repulsed By The Overturned Casket
A4. Congofried
A5. Proliferation Of Psychosis
A6. Impulse To Traumatize
A7. Slit Throat Intercourse
A8. It's Always A Sport To Find New Gore
A9. Instantaneously Advanced Bodily Decay Pt. 2
A10. Limb Deprived And Sodomized
A11. Rehabilitation Through Amputation
B1. Twisted Forms Of Entertainment
B2. A Gulp Of The Ganges
B3. Oozing Down Your Worm Swollen Intestines
B4. Where Beauty Feeds The Maggots
B5. Pulverized Effigy
B6. Recollections Of A Caved In Brain
B7. Vomiting Sludge Out Of Your Distended Intestinal Maw
B8. Parasitic Castration
B9. I Puke In Your Ventilator
B10. A Twin Within
B11. Succumbed To Terminal Illness

Recommended for fans of Lipoma, Metrorrhagia and Cystgurgle.

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