Logistic Slaughter
Lower Forms Of Life

  • <b>Logistic Slaughter</b><br><small>Lower Forms Of Life</small></br>

Full-length re-release by Barbaric Brutality under an exclusive license from Ungodly Ruins Productions.

Issued in a clear case, fluorescent pink cassette shell with sticker labels on both of its sides and single-panel double-sided J-card. Limited to 100 professionally manufactured copies.

Tracklist (30:52)
A1. Blue Pulp
A2. Beggar
A3. Streamline Casualties
A4. Conditioned. Complacent
A5. Criminal Merit
B1. In The House Of Tooth And Claw
B2. Rust And Flesh
B3. Dead Eyed Smile
B4. Wounded Animal
B5. Lower Forms

Recommended for fans of Cattle Decapitation, Cephalic Carnage and Twitch Of The Death Nerve.

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