Lipoma "Endless Causes Of Eternal Suffering" CASSETTE

Lipoma "Endless Causes Of Eternal Suffering" CASSETTE


Scum Lord Records
Limited to 50 • Solid Black Shell

Tracklist (36:55)
A1. Anomalies Of The Corpus Callosum
A2. Pseudoangiomatous Intracranial Variants
A3. Villous Proliferation Of The Synovial Membrane
A4. Myxoid Chondrosarcoma
A5. Mammary Type Myofibroblastoma
A6. Origins Of Histopathological Analysis
A7. Colonic Intussusception
A8. Implications For A Peroxidation Hypothesis Of Lipomatic Recognition
A9. Liberation Of Pancreatic Acids In The Final Stages Of Fat Necrosis
A10. The Peculiar Case Of Dercum's Disease
A11. Ruptured Hemorrhagic Corpus Luteum
A12. Carbuncular Ruptures Caused By Excessive Hepatic Cirrhosis
A13. Epididymitis Epiphany
A14. Fetal Genital Gastroenteritis
A15. Sacrococcygeal Teratoma - The Experience Of Four Decades
B1. Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus
B2. Misanthropy Of The Cancerous Void
B3. Obscure Causes Of Congenital Hydrocephalus
B4. Victims Of Medical Disasters
B5. Angina Pectoris
B5. Yersinia Pestis
B5. Fibrohistiocytic Differentiation In Subcutaneous Fatty Tissue
B5. A Rare Hematoma: A Report Of Two Cases
B5. Basophilic Mucinous Stroma
B5. Cutaneous Liposarcoma
B5. Superficial Benign Fatty Tumors
B5. Intertriginous Eroded Crusted Lesions
B5. Large Mulberry Like Cells With Abundant Eosinophilic Granular Cytoplasm

Recommended for fans of Golem Of Gore, Cystgurgle and Liquid Viscera.

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