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Kraanium "The Art Of Female Sodomy" CASSETTE

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Kraanium "The Art Of Female Sodomy" CASSETTE

Gore House Productions
Limited to 200 • Solid Black Shell • 2nd Press

Tracklist (29:32)
A1. Severed Stump Fistfuck
A2. Reverse Abortion
A3. Human Flesh Devourment
A4. Masturbation With Fermented Entrails
A5. Double Barrel Penetration
B1. Pleasure Through Horrendous Torture
B2. Blood Splattered Satisfaction Waking The Cadaver Cover
B3. Sodomize Lacerate And Murder
B4. Perverted Sensation Bonus
B5. Stench Of Putrid Innards Bonus

Recommended for fans of Devourment, Embryectomy and Begging For Incest.

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