Inhuman Dissiliency
Exhumation Of Rotten Entrails

  • <b>Inhuman Dissiliency</b><br><small>Exhumation Of Rotten Entrails</small></br>

Compilation release by Vile Tapes Records.

Issued in a clear case with solid black tray, white cassette shell with sticker labels on both of its sides and single-panel double-sided J-card. Limited to 15 hand-numbered copies.

Tracklist (53:36)
A1. Necro-Cannibalistic Infest
A2. Vomiting Decayed Fecal Matter
A3. Inception Of Putrescence
A4. Self Inflicted Disseverment
A5. Coercion Of Uteral Transfixation
A6. Succumbed By Dissolution
A7. Dripping Vaginal Excrements
B1. Engorging Carnal Tissue (Feast Of Maggots)
B2. Seepage Of Rectal Fluids
B3. Vomiting Decayed Fecal Matter
B4. I Turned Into A Martian Misfits
B5. Extirpating The Disemboweled
B6. Entangled In Abdominal Viscera
B7. Babykiller Devourment

Recommended for fans of Devourment, Torsofuck and Slamentation.

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