Gruesome Bodyparts Autopsy / Inopexia / Sebum Excess Production / Endotoxaemia CD

Gruesome Bodyparts Autopsy / Inopexia / Sebum Excess Production / Endotoxaemia CD


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Tracklist (30:00)
I: Gruesome Bodyparts Autopsy
1. Pussy And Tits Torture
2. Genital Retraction Syndrome
3. At Birth I Swallowed Amniotic Fluid
4. Vaginal-Bowel Evisceration With Bright Red Blood Oozing
5. Gorepilepticum
6. Hydrochloric Acid In The Anus
7. Saprogenic Infection On The Face (Reappearance)
8. Unrecognizable Female Corpse In Pickle
II: Inopexia
9. Intro 86
10. DJ Лагерный
11. Амбиции приматов
12. Снасти
13. Акробат
14. (Untitled)
15. Принц Газ
16. Агрария
17. Abomiak Popuscation (Part 3)
18. I Got An Office Job For The Sole Purpose Of Sexually Harassing Women Anal Cunt
III: Sebum Excess Production
19. Thyroid Hormone Plasma Membrane Transport Defect
20. Primary Angiitis Of The Central Nervous System
21. Hypoplastic Thumb Mullerian Aplasia
22. Duodenojejunal Atresia With Volvulus Absent Dorsal Mesentery And Absent Superior Mesenteric Artery
23. Phacomatosis Pigmentokeratotica
24. Resistance To Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
25. White Matter Hypoplasia Corpus Callosum Agenesia And Mental Retardation
26. Yellow Nail Syndrome
27. Hey Norton
IV: Endotoxaemia
28. Festering Clutter Unit
29. Bloated Greasy Bodybag Content
30. Midnight Machination
31. Brain Excreted In Urine
32. Re-Repeated Convulsions
33. Awakening Primal Fears
34. Malformed With Love
35. Bound, Hanged And D-Beated To Death
36. Scattered Cadaveric Fragments
37. Goresoaked Orenburg Downy Shawl

Recommended for fans of Sulfuric Cautery, Plasma and Last Days Of Humanity.

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