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Golem Of Gore "Horrendous Summoning Of Gore" CASSETTE

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Golem Of Gore "Horrendous Summoning Of Gore" CASSETTE

Grindfather Productions

Tracklist (14:33)
A1. Horrendous Summoning Of Gore
A2. Rectal Bowel Disgorgement
A3. Consuming Purulent Flesh
A4. Disgusting Suppurated Fetus
A5. Festering Stabbing Scrotum
A6. Ulcerous Intestinal Infection
A7. Purulent Bacterial Meningitis
A8. Rancid Industrial Sludge
A9. Disfigured Carcass Exhibition
A10. Defleshed Bowel Cumulus
A11. Pulsating Vomit Mutilation
A12. Humiliated Humans Parade
A13. Ruptured Carnivorous Carnage
A14. Recurring Dream Castration
A15. Unlimited Tremendous Otitis
A16. Bloody Feaces Degeneration
A17. Heinous Ways In Degradation
A18. Large Scaled Decompositions
A19. Delightful Scenario Of Putridity
B1. Fragrance Inside The Garbage
B1. Immersing Embryonic Body
B1. Corporal Slicing Separation
B1. Careless Dissected Corpse
B1. Corroded Human Disarray
B1. Wasting Slithered Purulence
B1. Drug Hallucinations Nausea
B1. Innard Fragments Of Digestion
B1. Foulness Gastric Pressures
B1. Mass Torture Disposal
B1. Remaining Carbonized Colitis
B1. Ungodly Formaldehyde Solution
B1. Cannibalistic Interior Defects
B1. Golem Of Gore

Recommended for fans of Metrorrhagia, Lipoma and Liquid Viscera.

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