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First Days Of Humanity "Biopsy Blues" CASSETTE

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First Days Of Humanity "Biopsy Blues" CASSETTE

Scumlord Records
Solid White Shell

Tracklist (8:30)
AB1. Slurping Rotten Pus
AB2. Unholy Regurgitation
AB3. Crawling Into A Cave Of Mucus
AB4. Hematoma Bulldozer
AB5. Wriggling Inside Innards
AB6. Agonizing Eternity
AB7. Tangled in a Chainsaw
AB8. Vivid Human Pulp
AB9. Obsessed With Organs
AB10. Necrotized Face Swarming With Flies
AB11. Dissolved Esophagus
AB12. Vomit Filled Grave
AB13. Gurgling The Fluids From A Cyst
AB14. Dissecting Your Eyes

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