Fetal Deformity & Endotoxaemia
Greasy Bloated Bodybag Content

  • <b>Fetal Deformity & Endotoxaemia</b><br><small>Greasy Bloated Bodybag Content</small></br>

Split release by Rectal Purulence.

Issued in a jewel-case with transparent tray, double-sided tray inlay and four-page booklet. The copies are professionally manufactured glass-mastered CDs.

Tracklist (25:00)
I: Fetal Deformity
1. Cadaveric Rehydration
2. Abdominal Omphalocelle
3. Exentric Plastination To Dead
4. Days Of Proctalgic Suffering
5. Brown Urine By Rhabdomyolysis
6. Sommer Esclerotical Eye Stain
7. Deep Intestinal Suppuration
8. Desensitized Regurgitate
9. Hydropic Foetus Abortion
10. Removing Uterine Fibroids With Laparoscopic Vaginal Myomectomy Method
II: Endotoxaemia
11. Pre-Morbid Itch
12. Rusty Nails Into Skull Membranes
13. Certified Ripper
14. Permanent Fart Incontinence
15. Serotonin Blockade
16. Periodical Neuro Dozer
17. Surrogate Shit Need
18. Metachromatic Leukodystrophy
19. Vigtima Purulent Spermcanal
20. Hate From The Womb Catasexual Urge Motivation

Recommended for fans of Sulfuric Cautery, Plasma and Last Days Of Humanity.

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