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Excruciation "The Drunk Diary" CD

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Excruciation "The Drunk Diary" CD

Proguttural Production

Tracklist (8:18)
1. Drunkass Sweet Baby
2. To Know My Bestie's Stuff
3. Holy Spirit Loves To Puke
4. Having A Good Time With Misha And Dima
5. Deddy Already Ordered Five Towers Of Beer
6. I Hate My Niece And My Nephew... Really
7. Drunk Time With Yuying And Chuck
8. I Remember My First Lima Beans
9. My Ex's Diarrhea
10. Waking Up With Empty Stomach In Jardie's House

Recommended for fans of Cystgurgle, Cancrum Oris and Cardiomyopathy.

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