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Dephosphorus "Sublimation" CD

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Dephosphorus "Sublimation" CD

Selfmadegod Records

Tracklist (36:20)
1. Βορά Tων Aιώνων (Devoured By Aeons)
2. Ψυχοϊστορία (Psychohistory)
3. Εξύψωση (Sublimation)
4. Προς Tο Aπόκοσμο Φως Tου Πυρήνα (Towards The Eerie Light Of The Core)
5. Absurd Aftermath
6. Multiple-Dimension Descriptor
7. Neural Lace
8. Into The Glory Of Eternal Orbit
9. In Dimensions 7 To 11
10. The Mists Rose Like Departing Dreams

Recommended for fans of Mitochondrion, Flourishing and Absvrdist.

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