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Deathguy "Concentrate The Annihilation" CASSETTE

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Deathguy "Concentrate The Annihilation" CASSETTE

Brutal Mind
Limited Edition • Clear Shell

Tracklist (26:47)
A1. Hell Dominion (Reign Beyond Suffering)
A2. Degust The Blood (Sadistic Cannibal Meal)
A3. Anathematic Damnation (The Fertilization Of Damn)
A4. Beheader (Human Head Collection)
A5. Necronivora (Silent Murderous Supremacy)
B1. Awake From Within (Cardiac Excavation)
B2. Tyrant (Decaying Of All Civilization)
B3. The Beast (Characteristic Of Devourer)
B4. Cannibal Lust ('Impetigo' Cover)
B5. Rejuvenated By Hypophysis
B6. Chronic Excretal Addiction
B7. Necro-Linguistic Programming

Recommended for fans of Amputated Genitals, Lust Of Decay and Pustulated.

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