Coprobaptized Cunthunter
Perservation Of Delirious Comprehensiveness

  • <b>Coprobaptized Cunthunter</b><br><small>Perservation Of Delirious Comprehensiveness</small></br>

Full-length release by Realityfade Records.

Issued in a jewel-case with transparent tray, double-sided tray insert and four-page roll-fold booklet. The copies are professionally manufactured.

Tracklist (11:18)
1. Intentional Exaggeration Of A Seizure
2. Created From The Father’s Ashes
3. Uselessly Decayed
4. Lasting Isolated Destruction
5. A Static Decomposer
6. Dreams Amplification
7. Perseveration Of Delirious Comprehensiveness
8. The Meat Song (Stiffy In McDonalds)

Recommended for fans of Enmity, Dissociative Healing and Torsofuck.

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