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Coprobaptized Cunthunter "Failure Prosthesis" CASSETTE

$9.99 USD
Coprobaptized Cunthunter "Failure Prosthesis" CASSETTE

Expected to ship early in June 2023.

Lifeless Chasm Records
Limited to 50 • Solid Magnolia Shell • Licensed from Coprobaptized Cunthunter

Tracklist (21:50)
A1. Failure Prosthesis
A2. Coproheating Reactor
A3. Yog Sothoth
A4. Crepitation
A5. Bermudian Claustrophobe
A6. Armadildo - Necrophone
A7. Fat
A8. Dramaturgy... Lethargic Sleep
A9. Armed With An Awl
A10. Oraltory 13
B1. Giperboloid's Hunger
B2. The Faces Are Rubbing Against The Emery
B3. Weatherdick - Detonator
B4. Call Of The Pits
B5. All Is Not Rolling, All Has Already Rolled. To Hell!
B6. Los Weiter
B7. Through The Blunt Hooks
B8. No Flies, All Are There
B9. Slaves To The Pyre Brodequin Cover

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