Cerebral Engorgement
Gastrointestinal Bleeding

  • <b>Cerebral Engorgement</b><br><small>Gastrointestinal Bleeding</small></br>

Full-length release by Gore House Productions.

Issued in a clear case, clear cassette shell with sticker labels on both of its sides and two-panel double-sided J-card. Limited to 100 professionally manufactured copies.

Tracklist (35:46)
A1. Shitnami Shitstorm
A2. Cryptosporidial Ejacathon
A3. Double Penetrated At The Dinner Table
A4. Putrid Insectoid Fuckification
A5. Crimson Cum
B1. Tri-Phallic Pelvic Thrust-O-Tron
B2. Yeasty Wide-Mouthed Vagiplex
B3. Electrocauterized Ass Tube
B4. Slurpee Full Of Herpes
B5. Zoonotic S.T.D.

Recommended for fans of Abnormity, Traumatomy and Nephrectomy.

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