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Human Excoriation
Celestial Devourment

Image of <b>Human Excoriation</b><br><small>Celestial Devourment</small></br>

Hand numbered and limited to 50 copies. Album reissue under exclusive license from Pathologically Explicit Recordings. Comes in a standard case with transparent tray, black cassette shell and two-panel double sided J card. Recommended for fans of Vituperate, Human Mincer and Scatology Secretion. Released on the 15th of February 2020.

A1. Archaic Possession
A2. Disinherit The Earth
A3. Celestial Devourment
A4. Usurping The Watchers
A5. To Serve The Sun
B1. Preying Upon Empty Skies
B2. Prephets Of Extinction
B3. Age Of Suffering
B4. Sterile Existence
B5. Permeating Fallacy

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