Cadaveric Feast Of Regurgitated Carnage

  • <b>Dysmenhorrea</b><br><small>Cadaveric Feast Of Regurgitated Carnage</small></br>

Full-length re-release by Inherited Production.

Issued in a standard case with transparent tray, clear cassette shell with black imprint on both of its sides and two-panel double-sided J-card. Limited to 50 hand-numbered & professionally manufactured copies.

Tracklist (31:58)
A1. Rotting Pile
A2. Blistering Human Pyre
A3. Manifestations Of Horrid Emissions
A4. Sanguine Organs Secreting
A5. Dormant Funguslike Eruptions
A6. Deep-Fried Anal Prolapse
A7. Feasting On Fermented Cerebral Slop
A8. Fetid Death Rattles
A9. Offal Effervesce
A10. Acrid Intestinal Crepitation
A11. Grotesque Gastric Fistulas
A12. Organizing Expired Meat
A13. Leaking Necrotic Infection
A14. Deflagrated Occular Orifices
A15. Weeping Sore
A16. Death Collapse The Final Motion
A17. Congenital Cranial Abnormalities
A18. Harvesting Scrambled Intestines
A19. Re-Decomposed
A20. Erupting Bowel Distention
B1. Virulent Bowel Collapse
B2. Vehement Entrail Emancipation
B3. Split Wide Open And Explored
B4. Process Of Fluid Collection
B5. Fermenting Final Excrement
B6. Repugnant Exoriation
B7. Liquidized Fetal Stodge
B8. Spasmodic Convulsions
B9. Coated With Pestiferous Boils
B10. Garotting On Shattered Glass
B11. Decapitation Frenzy
B12. Aromatic Fungal Discharge
B13. C.D.I. (Cadaver Decomposition Island)
B14. Festering Tumours Of Fetid Rot
B15. Unrecognizable Extremely Mutilated Parts
B16. Violent Autopsy
B17. Severe Metastatic Growths
B18. Re-Animated Medical Waste
B19. Esquisite Display Of Anatomical Skill
B20. Cankered Disgorgement

Recommended for fans of Sulfuric Cautery, Metrorrhagia and Last Days Of Humanity.

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