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Blasted Pancreas "Carcinoma" CASSETTE

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Blasted Pancreas "Carcinoma" CASSETTE

Gore House Productions
Limited Edition • Clear Shell

Tracklist (23:40)
A1. Intro
A2. Lymphangiosarcoma
A3. Cystic Fibrosis
A4. Nephroblastoma
A5. Hemangiosarcoma
A6. Brainstem Glioma
A7. I Am Sick Of You All
B1. Hematological Malignancy
B2. Lymphoblast
B3. Polycythemia
B4. Tuberculosis
B5. Resection Of Upper Gastroinstestinal Malignancy'Lymphatic Phlegm' Cover
B6. 37 Stabwounds'Regurgitate' Cover

Recommended for fans of Lymphatic Phlegm, Squash Bowels and Pathologist.

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