• <b>Asylum</b><br><small>Sharpen</small></br>

Full-length release by Pathologically Explicit Recordings.

Issued in a jewel-case with transparent tray, double-sided tray inlay and twelve-page booklet. The copies are professionally manufactured glass-mastered CDs.

Tracklist (1:20:22)
1. Coincidence
2. Fluoride Stare
3. Hard Times Ahead
4. Peripheral Inklings
5. Bite The Guiding Hand
6. Whispering Ibex
7. To Define And Divide
8. Cerebellar Atrophy
9. Without Question
9. In Ossein Ecstasy
9. Ego Mortuus Est
9. Ave Lamentum
9. Sharpen

Recommended for fans of Enfold Darkness, Skeletonwitch and Abiotic.

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