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Agonal Breathing "Bloodthirsty Mutilation" CASSETTE

$10.99 USD
Agonal Breathing "Bloodthirsty Mutilation" CASSETTE

Expected to ship by the 10th of April.

Lifeless Chasm Records
Limited to 100 • Licensed from Brutal Mind

Tracklist (33:58)
A1. Bloodthirsty Mutilation
A2. Extirpation Of The Anthropecene
A3. Melioidosis
A4. Ripped To Pieces
B1. Interminable Death Roll
B2. Dissolved In Bile
B3. Leptospirosis
B4. Bone Breaker
B5. Partial Detruncation Remix

Recommended for fans of Decimated Humans, Goemagot and Gorevent.

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