Active Stenosis / Endotoxaemia "Rapid Decline / Filigree Depopulation" CD

Active Stenosis / Endotoxaemia "Rapid Decline / Filigree Depopulation" CD


Garbage Bondage Records

Tracklist (32:00)
Active Stenosis
1. Subacute Rheumatic Carditis - Streptococcus Pneumoniae
2. Rapid Decline - Constriction Of Renal Artery
3. Aprotic Organic Solvents
4. Peripheral Auditory Dysfunction
5. Progressive Systemic Sclerosis - Fibroblast Activation Through Cytokine Release
6. Plasma Volume Loss - Hypertonic Saline Resuscitation
7. Recurrent Urinary Catheter Blockage
8. Lucid Fairytale Napalm Death
9. Acute Upper Airways Inflammation - Toxic Vapours Inhalation
10. Hypercapnia Accident
11. Trans-hepatic Biliary Drainage - A Complication In Jaundiced Patients Pt. I
12. Endotoxemia - Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury
13. Total Dismemberment Of A Female Corpse Regurgitate
14. Flesh Feast Regurgitate
15. As I Slurp Your Kiwi-Flavoured Gangrene Pus
16. Fuck This Shit
17. Splattered With Your Liquid Brain Mass
18. Pus Absorber
19. Cerebral Spasmophilia
20. Acute Alcoholic Polyneuropathy
21. Blepharospasm
22. Filigree Depopulation
23. Postnecrotrophic Cachexy
24. Pheochromocytic Convulsions
25. Strangulation Furrows
26. Personal Mojo
27. Trocar Gouging
28. Target Organs
29. Cephalohaematoma
30. Putrid Odour Choke
31. Cut Open Cut Open Cut..
32. Gonoblenorrhea
33. From The Groins Of A Pained Humanity (Garbage Guts)

Recommended for fans of Sulfuric Cautery, Plasma and Last Days Of Humanity.

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